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Dear traveler

We would like to offer you a very warm welcome to our new website. We are sure you’ll find the tour of your dreams here, and will come to love the country that has captivated so many visitors over the last 5,000 years.

Perhaps this is your first trip to China. Perhaps you are unsure of how best to discover this great land. We would like to offer some reassuring information about why our company is the ideal partner to choose.

CIAC Travel, USA is the proprietor of the trading name, CIAC Tours. We are independently US owned, and part of a group of companies providing trading and transportation services that have been doing business and sharing the beauty of China with the world since 1987. We are in a strong position to know and show China to all our customers.

CIAC Tours, is one of the fastest growing travel operators in the US with travel partners located in Hong Kong and throughout Mainland China, additionally, we are partnered with other tour operators in Asia, Europe, Middle-east and the CIS. We're ranked among the best travel agencies, and ideally placed to make your trip a superb and authentic experience.

Our US head office in Minneapolis, MN  has been doing business in China since 1987, and unlike other operators, most of our staff have China and Asian backgrounds, so you’ll always have the assurance of expert knowledge and advice.

We’ll show you more than just ‘tourist’ China.

Our staffs know China, and we’re happy to share our knowledge by providing more destinations, more hotels and more appreciation of local customs. We approach even the most well known sights from a fresh angle, and complement the more famous destinations with the ‘less travelled’ areas; we will show you the real heart of China and Asia.

At each city, our handpicked local guides accompany you and provide in-depth knowledge of their local area. You’ll hear about the real China from local Chinese people who love their village and enjoy sharing the historical stories, local cuisine,  local friendship and great places to visit that other groups simply won’t know about.

Dream of your ideal Chinese trip and we’ll make it a reality.

A journey to China is a magical journey through more than 5,000 years of history woven mystically through a vast and stunning landscape. Walk on the Great Wall, stroll through palaces where no commoner once dared enter, gaze in awe at the enormous Terracotta army in Xian, cruise on the Yangtze River amidst breathtaking scenery, travel through rural areas not yet touched by the 21st century meeting unique minorities, discover mystical Tibet, venture the ancient isolated Silk's an experience of a lifetime, and only an experienced Chinese travel company with a vast network and infrastructure can ensure a great travel experience.

Choose CIAC Tours and your Chinese journey will be as interesting and memorable as the destinations you visit.

Happy Traveling,

President,             V. President,

Ron Mahlen          Melody Zhou

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